Science and Culture.

This course will be taught in the Clark Honors College in the fall term of 2018.

The full syllabus and course plan for this set of courses may be found on Canvass.

"Science & Culture" has taken a number of forms as HIST 361 as HUM 361 or as PHYS 361. It is now offered in the Clark Honors College.

Hence, students enroll in the course may receive credit for Group1 (arts&letters), Group2 (social sciences) or Group3 (natural science). Please note: the three "courses in one" meet at the same time and in the same room and have the same instructors (Bothun, Physics, and Nicols, history and humanities).

This course traces the complex relationship between science and culture from the ancient Greeks to quantum mechanics. In particular we are concerned with the question of how new scientific ideas find a place in 'mainstream' culture and alter the perception of what humans can know and understand about nature and about themselves.

We are equally concerned with the manner in which culture supports and/or rejects scientific investigation and ideas, and in particular, in the way in which new 'counter-intuitive' ideas enter the generally accepted paradigm.