Brucker Chp 6 Culture.

Why was this society so creative? so receptive to new ideas, and so innovative?

Note the roots in the Classical tradition? how can this be? Why look to the distant past for inspiration on "innovation"? what does that say about the perception of the recent past?

consider first the dome of Santa Maria dei Fiori

ppt on Florentine art.

Questions to consider:


economic prosperity, appreciation for quality in the workmanship / artisanal, tradition of public discussion and civic participation of projects [ [baptistry, cathedral], the role of the commune and private parties in this proecsss

educational level of a critical mass of citizens [even if purely funtional], religion yes, but still minimal role of the church and university in artistic production, access to different cultural traditions, social mobility, rewards in public prestige for achievement

patronage of the arts, for the nouveaux riches the chance to invest in art and legitimize social position. ,