Retrospective: Factors favoring cultural achievement:

Factors discouraging??? The "old order"; and alliance of "Throne and altar"? eine cristliche Weltanschauung defined by an established church? Too much licence? Too little moderation and self-control? the weakness of the middle class?

Images of Weimar Berlin


Graf Harry Kessler, E. Munch; and again

Suburban/village Life. village

What was lost: images from the period before WW1 "There was peace and order, and a respect for traditional values, eine christliche Weltanschauung" [7]:

  1. Public life: Bismarck; the fleet; emperor arrives! emperor&sons; women's suffrage; parade; parade2; the palace (Stadtschloss).Chancellery. Elections 1912 . How a German Professor looked: Theodore Mommsen Nobel Prize winner.
  2. Commerce and industry: industrial growth; machines; X-ray; jugendstil factory ; factory ; factory2; PotsdamerPlatz1914
  3. City scenes: dresden; better homes; leipziger platz; brandenburgertor; industry; department store; siegesallee; the public garden; take the bus or drink a beer or eat a "wurst". Streets: 1885 ; 1896 ; 1898; 2005a; 2005b und damals . Markt At the beach or on the "underground";
  4. Private life:
    1. family: familyfest; but note the secessionist tradition. an imperial family; family; baptism1, baptism2, 1st-schoolday1; 1stschoolday2 ;children; confirmation1; confirmation2; lehrling1 and lehrling2; weddingparental-advice1 and parental advice2; student, school trip; girlswork; women's work ; young workers ; verlobung; hochzeit1 and hochzeit2 ; the unwed mother; goldenerhochzeit1; daysofourlives-man; daysofourlives-woman, recruits. Students 50years later.
    2. housing: bath1; bath2; hinterhof; mietkaserne1; hiring help; modernwoman; the electronic kitchen.

The War began with much patriotism.


The venue for SSR-P CafeSociety: one and two


Chapters 1-2

"Forces at Work" As the old order crumbled, new forces emerge, and yet a palpable nostalgia for the prosperous and stable past remained a powerful countervailing force. NOTE: not class distinctions: there were wealthy and poor nationalists; wealthy and poor socialists. For the most part the middle class will remain on the sidelines.

Events and Propaganda: the context...