Notes on reading:

  1. General observations:
    1. In each chapter read first to get the general argument, second to understand how he argues the case and third to critique constructively his argument.
    2. Watch for his general statements (e.g., on page 6 at the bottow) where he puts together a significant generalization of his argument.
    3. Pay attention to how he got to that point and what he does with it thereafter (how he builds on the observation.
    4. As with any evidence, try to understand what the author is doing BEFORE trying to critique the case.
  2. On the Introduction
    1. What point does he want to make? About the study of Greek culture? about the contribution of the Greeks?
    2. What is the basis of his criticism of multi-culturalism and post modernism? These issues go to the heart of contemporary general education, so it is worth considering their validity.

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