Thornton intro


  1. What is the point of the discussion pages 1-2? Freedom and democracy connect to advantages of science and technology; antibotics yet also advanced weaponry. Yield great benefits but also great dangers. Can one have one without the other?
  2. [on pages 2-3] Greek values are defective ==> imperialism, suppression of women, slavery, oppression. Not worthy of admiration or study. Western values, derived in part from the greeks have the same characteristics. Greek values ==>western values; but western values are defective, therefor Greek values are, too. But we need to separate the historical reality of the Greeks from their ideas and the influence of those ideas. Greek ideals still shape out culture.
  3. The conflict with multiculturalism and postmodernism.
  4. Uniqueness? Is Greek culture derivitive? Where else was democracy developed? [6] Most importantly, unique and significant because SSR at bottom of 6.
  5. Before freedom could be identified as a natural right of all human beings it had to be identified as a good worth fighting for. ==> then a good for all.
  6. the Post modernist debate. The Greeks at too different, too alien, too ''other'' ?
  7. the essential ideas of the west, have their origins among the Greeks, but [12] they may also lead to humanity's undoing