A brief video to get us in the right 'mindset' [0:13 to 4:40, 5:35 - end]. Note clothes, architecture and decorative elements, the story, and the audience interaction

And of the other extreme.

Culture: there are 241,000 references to the word on the UO website. Why??

High Culture? Low Culture? Popular Culture? What role do they play in civic life? How do they bring people / citizens together? This will be a central issue in this class.

In this class, we will be looking a European culture, specifically urban culture; and at three examples of 'successive' culture; that is cultures that might be described as producing a 'golden age' of enduring achievement, cultures that became models for other to emulate.

Review of the syllabus, work-load and schedule. Introduction:

Some procedures for using class time optimally.

What qualities make for a successful City? What three qualities do you think a successful city has or should have?


Results from class of 2004 and 2005